For us, working for you does not only mean delivering top end quality in terms of design and implementation. It also means to deliver on time, with the highest level of customer service possible and a smooth project process, starting with your enquiry and completed with the handing over of the final product to you.

To ensure this, we have developed a process driven approach to our work. We use milestones, sign offs and documented review phases; we make sure that we work within your budget. That also means we tailor our methodology to suit your needs.

After each stage of the process, we will “sign off” the milestone and follow on to the next step.


In this first step we will either meet you or communicate with you in some other way.
We will define a few important key factors:

_the overall scope
_requirements, technical and visual
_target audience
_desired look & feel / aesthetics

Based on those factors, we will provide you with a quote and some initial ideas.


This phase should by no means be underestimated. It is important to start of on a solid base, to know where you’re coming from and where you might be going to. And also who is next to (aka behind) you.

Basically, this means we:

_analyse competition and competitive advantages
_set up mood boards to show a possible design direction


During this step we create the foundation for a smooth user experience – a well told story or an intelligent branding, presented as one of the following:

_wireframes development (i.e. web,mobile)
_storyboards (i.e. editorial, magazines, animation)
_sketches (i.e. branding, posters, illustration)


Another important part of the process, where we transform all previously gathered information into an appealing visual format.
This includes:

_visualization of the look and feel
_presenting design mock ups of all required elements

Based on individual project needs we work with a range of experts in:

_campaign development
_video and photography


Either face to face or via one of todays various digital media options, at this stage we will present the results of our work to you:

_visual presentation of design
_timeline of development
_revised quotation (execution costs depend on the design finals and may therefore differ slightly to those from our first step)



After receiving your feedback in step 5, we will then move on to the almost final stage, were  we will be working on this:

_advancing the idea
_final tweaks
_copywriting, photography, retouching, illustration
_presenting the final artwork

(In case you’re not yet completely satisfied with our work so far, we will include a second round of revisions, meaning we start over with step 4)


Once everything design related is signed off and finalized, it’s time to get this website up and running and/or the press rolling. It is possible to make changes or add requests during this stage, however, depending on how complex these requests are, the timeline and quote might have to be adjusted accordingly. So we go right into production:

_pre-press and coordination of print production (print)
_content management system design and programming (digital)
_theming & content deployment (digital)

TESTING & LAUNCH (applies only to web / mobile)
We provide you with a link to a beta version of your new website / mobile app, usually there’s a little tweaking here and there and then we go live when you´re all happy with it.


In this last step we will gather some feedback from you about our work.

We will also discuss what could be done in the future to push your business even further, therefore we:

_plan future improvements